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Reptiles are some of the most diverse animals on the planet. They're also frequently misunderstood. At Buffalo Reptiles, our educated staff can dispel the myths about these beautiful animals and help you discover the joy of owning a pet reptile. Or, if you're an experienced keeper, you can share your passion and continue to grow your collection. We also offer a selection of feeder insects and rodents.

Our store is located in Buffalo, NY, and our team is always ready to educate new owners. We'll give you advice on temperament and help you navigate the exciting world of reptile ownership.

Visit Buffalo Reptiles soon to welcome a new animal into your home.

Understanding Care And Feeding Is Essential

At Buffalo Reptiles, we’re proud to offer a variety of healthy, harmless reptiles. All of our species make excellent pets and are appropriate for beginner to indeterminate reptile keepers. However, just like certain dog breeds pair better with certain households, you have to learn which reptile species pairs best with your personality and your home. Our staff can teach you about the different animals we carry and help you choose the one that’s right for you.
Reptiles for sale include:

Turtles | Tortoises | Bearded dragons | Leopard geckos | Nile monitors | Ball pythons

Each reptile species requires a different diet. Our team can help you stock up on the right food for your animal. Available feeders include:

Dubia roaches | Mealworms | Crickets | Rats | Mice

Take home a new animal and a supply of food today.

Our cold-blooded animals will warm your heart

Whether you're looking for your first reptile or you've been keeping them for years, we're so excited for you to visit Buffalo Reptiles. The reptile community is filled with all sorts of people who are as different as the animals we keep. Very quickly, you'll fall in love with the animals and discover a common bond with the people who have them.

Reptiles are like potato chips. You can't have just one. Your new friend, and all the feeders you need, are waiting at Buffalo Reptiles.

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