A Healthy Animals Needs a Healthy Diet

Learn the basics of reptile feeding from our expert staff

Reptiles eat many things, but their food is very different from that of most mammals. If you've only had furry pets to this point, transitioning to insects and rodents can be a challenge. The staff at Buffalo Reptiles is here to help you make that transition. You can count on us for a variety of reptile feeders. We'll make sure you have the right food for your specific animal.

Stock up on everything you need for a healthy reptile.

Purchase all your feeders from Buffalo Reptiles

Purchase all your feeders from Buffalo Reptiles

Our feeder options are varied both in type and size. This is because reptiles will eat larger and larger prey as they grow larger. Unlike most mammals, reptiles don't chew their food, so they can't tear off small bites. Your animal will need to eat an appropriately sized feeder for each stage of its life. Our feeder options include:

  • Dubia roaches
  • Mealworms
  • Crickets
  • Rats
  • Mice
Speak with our staff to determine what size feeder you need for your animals. Make sure you purchase enough to last until your next visit to Buffalo Reptiles.