ball pythons for sale buffalo, ny

Ready for Your First Snake?

Ball pythons are excellent starter serpents

The word python might sound intimidating to new reptile keepers, but ball pythons are one of the most docile snakes in the world. Buffalo Reptiles carries a wide selection of ball pythons. As the smallest of the African pythons, they got their name because they will roll into a ball when they're scared.

In addition to being non-aggressive, ball pythons:

  • Only grow to about 4.5 feet in length
  • Are constrictor snakes, so they don't have fangs
  • Eat rats or mice, ranging in size from pinky to large
  • Need a temperature range of 80 to 90 degrees
  • Can live comfortable in a 40-gallon tank or 41-quart tub
Compared to other snake species, ball pythons are a great choice for a starter snake.

Additional care instruction for your snake

A ball python is one of the best snakes to keep if you plan to introduce children to reptiles. They're slow-moving and rarely bite, so a supervised child can learn a lot about reptile keeping from a ball python. They can sometimes go on feeding strikes that last for several months, so you may have to work with your animal to make sure he or she maintains a healthy weight. You should feed frozen-thawed rodents to prevent injury to your animal during feeding.

Visit Buffalo Reptiles soon to pick out your new ball python.